About Embassy Models

Embassy Models is one of the fastest growing and most successful Polish modeling agencies. Since 2001 we have been working with over 300 leading modeling and actor agencies (including Elite, Next, IMG, Wilhelmina), as well as the world’s most famous and prestigious designer warehouses in North America, Asia and Europe.

Our models are taken care of by our experts who are graduates of very prestigious universities Columbia College Chicago (Theatre, Film and TV Department), New York Film Academy in Paris at La Sorbonne. They also have enriched their experience managing at the Barbizon Modeling School, working with the creators of movie stars and modeling, who discovered, among others: M’laah Singh (star of The Avengers and TV Commercials) and David Zak (co-starring with RittaWilson in Los Angeles Theater, appeared in „Everybody Hates Chris” with Chris Rocks and many TV commercials).



Values which we believe in. We are guided by them as a result of our moral beliefs and commitments, not because it is a duty imposed by the law.

We feel responsible for our partners: our models the same manner as for our employees and our customers due to long-term relationships. As a company we aim at maximizing profit but uncompromisingly never at the expense of the rule of law, ethics and morality adopted in the countries where we operate.

One of the key elements of the Embassy Models policy is mutual, positive and honest communication between the Agency and Models, as well as between the Agency and parents or official guardians (in the case of underaged).

Embassy Models believes that the education of young models is crucial. Therefore, the cooperation between the Agency and Models is based on supporting of their talents and helping them to gain knowledge, and achieving their goals. An invitation to the Embassy Models family, is a privilege. Career with Embassy Models is an access to the most lucrative contracts.